About Waterflys

I like being outdoors. As a young man, I hope that in addition to being professional, the design should be more fashionable and simple. Besides, the bag cannot be too complex but suitable for a short trip with a light pack. As a result, I began to study how to design simple, portable but fashionable bag when I was in college. The first product I designed is a collapsible shoulder bag which can be folded up while not in use, it is only the palm size, which is easy to carry and take up small space. We can open this bag in second and use it like using other shoulder bags. It is a beautiful ting bag which is loved by many of my classmates, and that’s the reason I adhere to my dream and keep going.After graduation, I spent years learning how to design bag and suitcase, in addition, I went to the factory to understand specifically about the manufacturing process of a bag.

In hence, I got the chance to produce my own bags using right fabric material in appropriate scientific technology with all the professional knowledge and design ideas I had gained over years. I take it as my mission to design a series of fashionable and portable outdoor bags which are light and delicate, like a butterfly gracefully dancing in the air, also as soft as water in the ocean.I gave her a name WATERFLY, because she is the combination of WATER and BUTTERFLY, I also call her water butterfly (WATER-BUTTERFLY).I hope WATERFLY products will bring more vitality and fun to young people in modern daily life.To achieve this goal, WATERFLY has been innovative and keeps creating happiness all the time.Be grateful to life, thank God, enjoy every moment of your life.Hope WATERFLY can pass more happiness to you, ENJOY YOUR LIFE.